Golfer wins, told to get out of here: video

Ted Potter Jr wins maiden PGA Tour event, then is told to get out of here.

Little known golfer Ted Potter Jr won the Greenbrier Classic this morning. Potter and another little known golfer by the name of Troy Kelly took three playoff holes to decide the winner. As soon as the playoff was finished, a tour official told the both of them to depart as quickly as possible.

The video below shows Potter’s final two shots but it was the words from the official that made me laugh, that sounded a lot like someone just wanting these two no-names to be on their way.

I know it wasn’t meant this way it sounded with the official was referring to the impending storm, but it sure did sound a lot like the phrase anyone who has ever snuck onto a golf course may have heard.

Just to give you some idea of how amazing the victory was though, Potter played the Tour event last week and finished in a tie for 51st.

One thought on “Golfer wins, told to get out of here: video

  • Yes another 1st time winner on the PGA tour. This trend just keeps on happening in the last 18 months or so.

    My tip for the 2012 British Open is another 1st time major winner.


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