Help Aussie Dave defend his ParaLong Drive title

Let’s get Australia’s World Long Drive champion back to the US to defend his title.

The folks over at Grow the Game Central are looking for donations to get Australia’s ParaLong Drive champion back to the US to defend his title in November.

Dave Sawtell won the World Championship Long Drive despite hitting from the seated position and only using one arm. The 180 metre drive won him the title but it wasn’t as long as his Australian long-drive record of 191 metres.

Mathilda Andersson wrote at Grow the Game Central:

Sawtell, who is a prior weightlifting champion, competitive swimmer and marathon kayaker, started his astonishing golf journey 10 years ago soon after he had finished a 15 hour long marathon paddle from South Bank, Brisbane to Surfers Paradise.

“A mate of mine was worried about sharks in the water during my kayaking and suggested I did something safer on land instead, like golf,” he chuckled. “It took me about three months to hit the ball properly, and six months to win my first championship title.”

Read more about Dave ‘Wheels’ Sawtell and his quest to defend his ParaLong Drive title, and look out for him on FoxSports’ The Golf Show this month.

If you’re keen to help out, check out the crowdfunding page to get Dave to the US over at Grow the Game Central.

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