Have your say on the future of Moore Park Golf

The public can now have a say on the future of Moore Park Golf following the New South Wales Government’s announcement that proposed changes to part of Moore Park South, including reducing the highly popular public golf course to nine holes.

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Hosted on the Centennial Parklands website HERE, consultation with the public is open until April 10, with the discussion paper on the proposal, also available via the link.

Members of public can enter a submission via email, complete a short survey or attend pop-up sessions to voice their opinions on the proposed future of what is one of Australia’s busiest public golf facilities.

Currently home to an 18-hole public course, three-tier driving range, short-game practice areas and Sydney Golf Academy, Moore Park welcomes more than 500,000 users per year. Eighteen-hole rounds account for more than 80 percent of 90,000-plus annual rounds, with retaining 18 holes in the survey requiring respondents to select “other”.

The current options at the facility, including the 18-hole course, has allowed the Sydney Golf Academy to flourish, with the 27,418 students in 2022/23, ranging from beginners to experienced players partaking in introductory programs and individual lessons that represent a 78 percent increase from 2019.

Similarly, a highlighted target area of the Australian Golf Strategy, increasing women and girls’ participation in the game, is well underway at Moore Park where Sydney Golf Academy women’s enrolments are 74 percent higher in just four years.

Golf Australia General Manager – Places to Play Damien de Bohun said the NSW Government decision to take back 20 hectares for open space would greatly impact on the proven physical and mental health benefits that golf is currently delivering at Moore Park.

“In effect, it is taking away these benefits from the diverse range of golfers who walk more than 300,000km per year in their rounds of golf,” he said.

Moore Park Golf is also a profitable asset for the State and contributes significantly to the $527 million of economic benefit golf delivers to the Sydney Metropolitan Area annually.

In its current form, it creates environmental benefits such as protecting and enhancing native vegetation, urban cooling, flood and stormwater management, water filtration and purification and carbon sequestration, essential for highly urbanised areas.

“As one of the busiest public golf facilities in Australia, Moore Park Golf is a key contributor to the wide-ranging benefits delivered by golf to Australians,” Mr de Bohun said.

“The current 18-hole public golf course, driving range and additional facilities are exceptionally busy, and reflects the most diverse users in our community, where public golf welcomes all.

“With more growth possible in the future, the game of golf continues to expand its popularity and engage previously underrepresented sections of the community.

“Golf is big, golf is changing, public golf is critical to our game, and Golf Australia encourages all stakeholders to have their say in helping the New South Wales Government understand the importance of golf at Moore Park South, and in particular the detrimental impact of reducing from 18 holes to nine holes.

“In the meantime, the current process of public consultation allows those who value the game and those who utilise Moore Park to have their say, and we encourage the public to do so.”

Information about the consultation process: www.centennialparklands.com.au/mooreparksouth
Complete the short survey: http://surveymonkey.com/r/mooreparksouth
More information, including signing a petition to maintain 18 holes at Moore Park: www.savemooreparkgolfcourse.com.au
Community Benefits of Golf in Australia report: www.golf.org.au/community-benefits-of-golf-in-australia/

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