Handicapping changes – what next?

The roll out of the new handicapping method last month seems to have gone relatively smoothly. But did you know it was only the first in a line of new packages rolling out for Australian golf?
The first package we are all familiar with. The implementation of the rolling-sample handicap system now calculates your handicap by choosing your best 10 of 20 scores from your golf history. It is a much better representation of you current golfing ability than the old system and provides a good base for further changes.

10 things to know about the new handicapping system
The second package (slated for some time later this year) will mean all scores are converted to stableford before the handicap is calculated.
According to Golf Australia, “The purpose of this regulation is to:
  • Reduce the effect of high hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s scoring potential.
  • Make all handicaps as equitable as possible by using a uniform score type for all handicapping.”
Further packages (which have no set date) will include moving to the slope course rating system and a change to the way you ‘transport’ your handicap from course to course. The Slope component of the USGA Handicap System will be implemented when all Australian golf courses have been rated under the USGA Course Rating System.

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3 thoughts on “Handicapping changes – what next?

  • New about the third change, didn’t know about the second!

  • I think the 10 from 20 ruling on scorecards makes a lot of sense as it gives a real good overview of scores.

    For higher handicap golfers who may not play as regularly it means they have the opportunity to play a couple of rounds and not worry too much about those affecting their handicap.

    Their is also a plus side here with handicaps creating much tighter scoring in Stableford events.

  • NZ have had slope course rating for years


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