Golfer knocks over a few wine bottles, from 100 metres away

Prone to knocking over a few bottles of wine? Perhaps not like this.

Grant Dodd is a former professional golfer who now covers the OneAsia Tour for OneHD. He writes a blog and is a huge wine connoisseur so he is pretty familiar with knocking over a bottle of wine or two.

He is seen here playing some extraordinary (and somewhat unbelievable) golf shots at some wine bottles, from the Brokenwood Cellar Door onto the 17th green at Cypress Lakes.

Something smells fishy about this in the same way Roger Federer’s video did. But who cares, it’s fun to watch. Just don’t try it yourself. At least, not after you’ve had a few glasses.

4 thoughts on “Golfer knocks over a few wine bottles, from 100 metres away

  • Hmmm I am not impressed at all. I feel it is definitely a fake to hit three bottles with three golf balls one after the other – playing one normally, one left handed and one off the ground would have probability of 1,000,000,000 – 1 or something to be quite frank i have more chance of winning the lottery. This kind of stuff is becoming more frequent and I will not be bought with it. There rant over lol

  • Mate, I’m offended that you think this is somehow doctored :-)…all a bit of fun, Iain Riggs ( the other guy) wanted a novel way to publicise the opening of their new cellar door and with 13K views ( I think that’s good?) it was probably worth it.

    Best Wishes and Happy golfing


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