Golfer goes down after goose attack

A goose attacked a golfer and the photos are simply amazing.

A goose flies in to attack golfer (Photo credit: Devin Pitts)

A high school golf tournament in Missouri, USA was interrupted by a goose attack last weekend and the incredible photos were shared via Twitter by Blissfield Athletics.

Reportedly this golfer was keeping an eye on a goose and a nest it was protected when a second goose flew in from behind.

The golfer tripped after the goose flew in to attack and then tripped again and a photographer nearby, Devon Pitts took these amazing photos to document the attack.

The golfer goes down after the goose flies in to attack. (Photo credit: Devon Pitts)

The golfer was uninjured during the goose attack with just his pride a little bruised.

The golfer goes down a second time after tripping. Feathers fly. (Photo credit: Devon Pitts)

And the original tweet…

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