GOLF TV plans to increase live coverage of Australian golfers on PGA Tour

Australian golf fans now have access to the PGA Tour’s live streaming app GOLF TV, but the lack of air-time given to the Australian players is still a frustration.

Evin Priest at AAP reports in SMH and The Age that GOLF TV recognises the lack of airtime given to Australian players and have plans to capture every shot played at every tournament.

But a major grievance for Australian fans waking up early to watch PGA Tour broadcasts has been a gross lack of airtime for Day, Scott, Marc Leishman and Cameron Smith – even when they are within range of the lead.

“I agree; it’s a bummer for fans and it’s something we can solve,” president of Discovery Golf, Alex Kaplan, said.

Golf TV’s future plans are to capture every shot at PGA Tour events and have a bunker-style facility package of live footage for individual countries.

“The vision for us, which is a number of years away, is every shot, of every player, on every hole,” Rick Anderson, the PGA Tour’s chief media officer, said.

But with PGA Tour fields ranging from 30 to 156 players, how Golf TV will capture every shot is yet to be determined.

GOLF TV is currently available as an app to download through Google Play or the Apple App Store – a basic subscription will set you back $9.99 a month.

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