Golf shot from the ol’ pump and barrel: video

Language warning: There’s a bit of cursing in this video of these two funny golf shots. 

These blokes look like they’re having a great time out on a golf course on Philip Island, and things got interesting when one bloke found his golf ball in an awkward position.

Finding his golf ball in some sort of turfed, old barrel, he wasn’t going to simply take a drop. Egged on by his mates, he was going to have a go at getting it out, no matter how short the back-swing – durry and all.

We’re still not entirely sure what it’s there for (a feature? tee marker?) but it got these guys laughing as this bloke managed to escape from the ol’ pump and barrel. Like his playing partners, we found his second shot even more hilarious as he attempts to play his next shot to the green.

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