New golf rules for the putting green starting in 2019

A whole bunch of new golf rules will come into play from January 1, 2019 including a number of changes pertaining to the putting green.

We’ve previously shared the details on the new local rule on stroke and distance as part of the new changes to the rules of golf that come into effect on  January 1, 2019 (and not before!).

And courtesy of the USGA, here are a few more of the major changes relating to the rules of golf on the putting green; including no penalty for your ball hitting the flagstick, the procedure for what happens when your golf ball is accidentally moved and permission to repair any damage to the green, not just ball plug marks.

The new golf rules allow for repairing any damage to the greens such as spike marks, and aren’t just limited to golf ball plug marks as they are now.

There is also a new rules for the situation when your ball is moved by an outside agency such as the wind or the slope of the green, as well as new rules golf relating to when your golf ball is accidentally moved on the green.

A new rule will also come into effect in January 2019 that will mean a golfer is no longer given a penalty stroke for a ball hitting the flagstick while putting from the putting green. A rule that should have been implemented many years ago. Better late than never.

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