Golf Premier League goes national in Australia

Golf Australia and all the state and territory golf associations have thrown their support behind the Golf Premier League.

Several Australian golf clubs have been playing a form of the Golf Premier League for some time, but now it has been officially endorsed by Golf Australia and the state golf organisations.

The Golf Premier League format has seen some clubs already benefit greatly from more interaction between members, attracting new members and seeing them spend more time in the clubhouse after the game.

As Golf Australia reported, chief executive Stephen Pitt is excited to endorse such a great initiative for any golf club.

“Clubs already engaged in Golf Premier League have shown that it increases member engagement, frequency of play and retention, whilst generating additional food and beverage revenue for the club,” Pitt said.

“We are delighted to join with Tony Craswell and his team to promote Golf Premier League and improve the health and viability of our clubs.”

Clubs have a number of different options to choose from when setting up a Golf Premier League but essentially golfers sign up on to different teams. Teams play against each other (head-to-head) each week with the score for each team determined by the total of the three best players in the team, for example.

An AFL or NRL style league ladder is kept for wins and losses with a finals format played out towards the end of the season, often culminating in an awards style presentation evening.

We love the idea of this and if you and your club needs more information, head on over to the Golf Premier League website and check out the details for yourself.

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