Golf format: Poker golf

There must be hundreds of golf formats and variations that can be played on the golf course and Aussie Golfer will attempt explain a few you may or may not have heard of from from time to time. Here’s one for those who like to gamble AND play golf at the same time.

Poker golf

This may not be the actual name for this version of golf but it sums it up pretty well. It’s being used for the golf played at the so-called World Series of Golf in Las Vegas. It’s a buy in event much like the big poker events shown on TV these days. A group can be any number from 3 – 6 players and each player throws in an ante before any shots are played on the first hole. The order in which each player tees off stays that way throughout the hole. If you teed off last and are furthest from the hole, you may not hit again until each golfer plays before you in the order they played off the tee.

After the ante’s are in and all tee shots are played, a round of betting takes place prior to the second shot. Players bet just like poker: raising, calling or folding. If you fold, you can’t play again until the next hole. After the first round of betting, one more round of betting takes place where no more raising can occcur and golfers must match the highest first round bet to call. If not, they fold and are out of the hole. If all players call on the first round, no second round of betting takes place.

Play continues and the winner of the hole takes the pot! It sounds like a fun format. If you want to play with your friends I suggest reducing the buy-in amount from the $10,000 they ask for the World Series of Golf and never bet more then you can afford to lose!

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  • July 1, 2008 at 01:21

    Seems like a great way to get the yips….

    Good stuff, will be taking all my hacking mates out for a round shortly…


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