Golf design and architecture week on the Golf Channel: highlight videos

Strangely enough, great golf courses aren’t just the ones you play well on.

The Golf Channel’s ‘The Morning Drive‘ program spent each day last week talking about golf course design and architecture, featuring segments on the philosophy of a great golf course, and talking about some of the world’s most iconic golf courses and golf holes.

I thought I’d share a few of the segments The Golf Channel has made available starting with this segment with Geoff Shackelford talking about template golf holes. These are particular, often replicated golf holes made famous by course designer Charles Blair Macdonald.

Matt Ginella, Geoff Shackelford, Charlie Rymer and Damon Hack sat around and chatted about the key elements of a great golf course including routing, variety and conditioning.

On Friday the Ogilvy, Clayton, Cocking and Mead golf course design team appeared on the show to talk about their journey to becoming golf course architects and their design philosophies.

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