Golf club fitting: Shaft flex, torque, angle of attack and kick point

If you’re anything like me, sometimes the technical details of the golf swing get a little lost during the process of club fitting but it’s all a lot clearer now.

Throughout the year Daniel Marsh at Callaway Golf has provided us some great explanations of the technical details associated with the golf swing and correct club fitting.

Shaft Flex, shaft torque, angle of attack and kick point are all terms you hear when you get fitted for golf clubs but you may not be sure exactly what they mean, let along what they do. Marsh has summarized each of them nicely in a separate posts this year and we thought we’d put them all together.

If you want to know more about each, click on the links below.

Shaft Flex
The flex of your shaft is the single most important part of your clubs shaft. The flex is the ability of the shaft and its resistance to bending during the swing. The faster you swing the golf club the stiffer the shaft you will need. Matching the right shaft to your swing speed is extremely important as it will help you get the club face back to square when striking the ball.

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Shaft torque
Matching the correct flex to the right swing speed is very important. It helps the club face meet the ball squarely at impact, maximising launch and spin ballistics. And of course making the little white (sometimes yellow) ball fly straight.

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Angle of Attack
With a driver we normally want to lower the amount of spin we have on the ball to create a stronger more penetrating flight especially once the ball has reached its peak and is on its way down. Creating a positive or neutral attack angle helps to impart less backspin and a higher launch helping the ball to fly straighter and longer.

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Kick point and tipping
Shaft with the a lower launch characteristics or a high kick point it will also aid a player who has quick hands thought he ball as it will slow the head down helping the ball not to have excessive launch and spin.

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A big thanks to Daniel for his explanations this year.

If you want more information please contact your local Callaway Authorised Retailer or call 1800 217 77 quoting Aussie Golfer to book your club fit at one of Callaway’s Performance Centres and get that ball flying longer and straighter.

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