Giant ice ball smashes into green on Victorian golf course

Huge chunks of ice were found on a Victorian golf course in Australia, and no one knows how they got there.

On Tuesday morning, golfers were met with an unusual sight on the 5th green of Bendigo’s Belvoir Park Golf Course in Victoria, Australia. Large, shattered pieces of ice were strewn across the green on the golf course, leaving everyone mystified about their origin.

Dylan Knight, a staff member at the golf course, recounted the surprising moment to Channel Nine, stating, “We thought the boys out there taking the phone call were taking the mickey… But once we got down to the 5th hole, there were definitely large chunks of ice scattered everywhere.”

Currently, the most widely discussed explanation suggests that the ice could be toilet waste that fell from a passing passenger plane. Knight reflected, “We think it has to be an aeroplane but someone said it wasn’t and someone said it is. So we might run with UFOs instead, I think.”

The incident gained significant media attention, with Channel Nine News’ Today show featuring a report on the unusual occurrence. Other Australian news outlets, including Channel 7, also covered the story, further amplifying the mystery.

As investigators and experts delve into the case, the questions surrounding these ice fragments continue to grow. Whether the source of the ice was indeed an aeroplane or something more enigmatic, the golf course’s peculiar encounter remains a subject of intrigue and speculation.

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