Getting treated like a pro

Gene Oberto is not only heavily involved in Swedish Golf Online but writes over at Divot Ends and posted a great story last week on a club professional in Sweden treating club members like tour professionals.

Members with a real passion for golf get discounts for specific equipment brands they use including being able to practice with the same balls they would use in a tournament. Further,

A pre-season check of lie angles, grips and clubs will insure that the golfer’s clubs are properly fitted for his game. During the season, the members will also receive group training sessions and get discounts on specially ordered equipment from the pro shop. Members will also benefit from information sessions from the equipment company representatives.

And here’s what I love about it:

Finally, there will be season long competitions for the members that generate points, similar to the European Order of Merit. The two top point earners will be made Captains of two teams chosen from the members of the Player’s Staff. The two teams chosen will have an end of the year competition based on the Ryder Cup competition, including a winning cup.

Local club professionals in Australia need to start getting far more pro-active and this is the sort of thing they should be implementing. Read the whole article at Divot Ends.

One thought on “Getting treated like a pro

  • It’s pretty simple: treat everyone as if they are as good, or want to be as good, as tour player!


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