Geoff Ogilvy returns to a happy hunting ground at Kapalua

Geoff Ogilvy is back playing the big tournaments, starting this week in Hawaii.

Ahead of the first tournament of the PGA Tour for 2015, Brian Whacker pens a great Q&A piece with Geoff Ogilvy.

After a poor couple of years that saw him miss many of the major championship he was usually a regular starter in, Ogilvy was all but over the game and was very close to packing it in for the year.

He was talked into playing the Barracuda Championship by friends in late 2014, and he returned home with the trophy after winning the event comfortably.

The victory kick-started a great end of the year which sees the former US Open champion back in the big tournaments where he belongs, starting with this week’s Tournament of Champions event at Kapalua in Hawaii. A tournament reserved for PGA tour event winners the previous year only and an event Ogilvy has won twice before.

Ogilvy is his usual self in the article, giving a great insight to where his mind was at last year:

But the trip home from Montreal to San Diego took something like 12 hours because of flight delays, so I didn’t get home until midnight on Sunday. I woke up Monday morning and the kids come bowling in the room at 6 a.m. and I thought to myself, ‘I don’t want to go play golf this week.’

You should never be in the cream of the season and not want to play anymore. It’s also important to show yourself that you remember how to do it. Sometimes you get used to playing average. It’s just a human condition.

It’s a great read. Check out the full article over at

One thought on “Geoff Ogilvy returns to a happy hunting ground at Kapalua

  • I think Geoff should be the face of golf. Humble talented player that does not get enough attention. An average Aussie dad that loves his family and even can strum a few chords on the guitar.


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