Fraser helps to make a new Scotch whisky

Here is another incentive to win a professional golf tournament. Australian golfer Marcus Fraser won the 2010 Ballantines Championship in Korea and one of the perks that go with that is teaming up with Ballantine’s to create a special Scotch whisky for this year’s event.
And I thought you just grab your winner’s cheque and drive away!
Don’t expect to find the blend on the shelves at Dan Murphy’s though. The blend contains whiskies that are all at least 38 years old; only 10 bottles are being produced. One bottle is presented to Fraser and a second bottle goes to the winner of this year’s Ballantine’s Championship winner. As yet, no word on whether Aussie Golfer is sent a bottle.
A short video of the process is added below but for extra points (and I love a quiz), why is whisky spelled without an ‘e’ in this article?

2 thoughts on “Fraser helps to make a new Scotch whisky

  • I assume it is because that is the way the Ballantines spell it….

  • Can’t fault that logic Greg. 🙂 Although I was looking for something else…why do Ballantines spell it that way?


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