Four questions Aussies want answered at the US Masters

In addition to the rather obvious “Can an Australian win the US Masters?”, here are five questions Australians want answered at the 2012 US Masters.

Last year, Australian golf fans were roused from their slumber to see Jason Day and Adam Scott do everything they could to win the US Masters. It made a nice change. We were getting used to not seeing any Aussies in contention to win the green jacket, or if they were, doing everything they could to lose it.

So expectations have risen for the 2012 US Masters and are higher than any Masters in recent memory.

In addition to the very much overused, somewhat tiresome and overly generalised, “Can an Australian golfer win the US Masters?”, there are a few other questions we want answered this year.

Can Jason Day or Adam  Scott go one better than last year?
This is the obvious question but one that we’re looking for a genuine answer. Scott, Day and Ogilvy were surprises last year and after close to a decade without much hope, we’re expecting so much more this year. We’re sick of losing sleep, and turning up late for work after another disappointing US Masters. The holiday weekend includes a public holiday Monday. We want a green jacket too.

What will be the most annoying golf advertisement this year?
To be fair, if I’m going to be interested in any advertisement, it is a golf advertisement. But with repeated viewings, any ad tends to aggravate after a while and during the US Masters, advertisements is exactly what we get a lot of.

Having said that, if I had the money I’d compose the best Aussie Golfer advertisement you’ve ever seen that no one would ever get annoyed with.

Is John Senden a big time golfer now?
John Senden has only played four rounds of tournament golf at Augusta. He missed the cut in 2008 and 2010 with one blowout round on each occasion. The US Masters seems to be so much about being familiar with the golf course, but with Senden in career best form, can he make the cut for the first time and go on to make a name for himself on the biggest golfing stage?

Will OneHD actually show the US Masters?
OneHD played the equivalent of a shank during the final round of the WGC Cadillac Championship a few weeks ago. In fact, they didn’t really play anything. Instead of broadcasting the final round of the tournament (like they had done for the first three days of the event), OneHD viewers awoke to see left-hand turning NASCAR drivers going around and around (and around).

Golf fans were furious and if the same sort of stunt is pulled during a US Masters scheduled over a four day weekend, you can expect a little more than just complaints on Twitter. I’m not so sure OneHD and Network Ten will be forgiven quite so soon for the WGC debacle, but showing all four rounds of the US Masters, with minimal fuss would be start.

For the record here is the OneHD TV Times for the live coverage of the US Masters.

4 thoughts on “Four questions Aussies want answered at the US Masters

  • 1. No
    2. Srixon add for sure, they are all crap
    3. No
    4. They better although if the coverage and commentary is the same as last year all we will see and hear is US golfers putt and lots of pretty flowers

    • 1. No
      2. That bloody Cleveland CG16 ad does my head in.
      3. Doubt it
      4. Bet they miss the closing 9 holes or something ridiculous.

  • 1. No
    2. Drummond Golf has some classics due to some of the visuals, but Bogle’s mum gives me the shits!
    3. Unfortunately ‘Big Time’ is reserved for only a select few.
    4. If there is no telecast on Monday, I better cancel the booking to ‘Masters Monday Breakfast’ at my golf club… its the only day of the year i’ll happily let the Americans show me pretty flowers and watch the grass grow.

  • 1. They have the potential. You don’t get to Augusta without the ability to win. They have been “bridesmaids”… they have better chance this year than last.
    2. Play a better ball.
    3. You need 4 near perfect days to succeed. He has done that and can do that.
    4. He who pays the most gets the coverage. Maybe they should tell people in advance.


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