Figjam kicks out spectator

The most famous Australian sportsperson with the nickname “figjam” was probably Nathan Buckley. It was assigned to him somewhere between playing for Port Adelaide and playing for Brisbane. Finally spending many years at Collingwood, he suited the name well and reportedly never liked it. But often with nicknames, it’s not your choice.

Since Buckley’s retirement, the most famous “figjam” is Phil Mickelson. He’s had it for years and with a nickname like that I’m often bemused at American hatred for Sergio and their love for Phil.

Anyway, Phil’s living up to his nickname. During the first round of The Players Championship, he heard a spectator yell out “Way to go, figjam”. He confronted the spectator and he was kicked out of the event.

I think Phil has just earnt himself a few other nicknames.

6 thoughts on “Figjam kicks out spectator

  • “Co*k”

    I think that fits nicely.


  • would callaway please hefty a shirt that fits

  • He is such a tool. I have no idea why the Yanks like him so much either

  • Mickelson is such a tool and if he ever graces these shores I’ll happily heckle him with some FigJam calls.

  • I’m a “Yank” and I think he’s a tool.


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