Ewan Porter reveals all in new book about life as a professional golfer

Ewan Porter has just released a book about life as a professional golfer, and it’s not all beer and skittles.

“Believe me, Tiger Woods’ indiscretions was not alone among professional golfers. What was surprising was how open my fellow players were about their extra-curricular activities.”

Australian golfer Ewan Porter turned professional at the age of 19 with a long list of amateur victories to his name. With talent to burn, Porter arrogantly thought he was going to change the face of golf with his aggressive, brash style of golf and without question become Australia’s next Greg Norman.

Ewan Porter did experience success as a professional golfer. He won twice on the Web.com Tour and played three Open Championships, but the lofty heights of the world’s best golf tours eluded him and Porter gave the quest away earlier this year and made a move into the media.

Porter writes candidly about the journey in his new book “Tour Confidential”. He openly admits his arrogance was a detriment to his career knocking back any mentors and disregarding any advice that may hinder his path to intentional stardom.

Trump is worth the read in itself, but it is the descriptions of the seedier side of professional golf is where the book differs from other accounts of life on tour.

Without naming any names, he says substance abuse and infidelity were rampant on the Nationwide Tour and the lack of lack of family values was eye-opening.

It is a great but uncomfortable read at times, that will leave you wondering why anyone in their right mind would ever contemplate becoming a professional golfer.

Ewan Porter now blogs for Golf Australia and you can buy “Tour Confidential” through Amazon, KoboBooks and iTunes.

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