Don’t miss this interview with the great Lee Trevino

Lee Trevino, one of the world’s most charismatic, likeable golfers sits down to chat about his career.

As professional golf grapples with its present challenges, entangled in turmoil and marked by the impact of greed, I find myself yearning for a more charming era in the sport.

So when I stumbled upon this new episode of the No Laying Up Podcast with Lee Trevino, it was easy to set aside two hours to watch and listen to this one.

Winning six major championships, including two U.S. Opens, two Open Championships, and two PGA Championships, Trevino is without doubt one of the greatest golfers to ever play the game. But he was also arguably the most charismatic, charming galleries and fellow golfers alike.

Do yourself a favour and check this one out. (I’ve added the time stamps below if you want to skip through to a particular topic).

Time Stamps:

00:00 Intro
01:52 Being Lee Trevino
04:38 1971 Open Championship, hanging out with Jimmy Dean on the eve before the final round, playing with Lu Liang-Huan
10:29 1974 PGA Championship: Putting out of turn, playing with Jack Nicklaus
16:20 On his philosophy
18:50 1972 Open
25:25 Rapsodo Ad
27:21 Qualifying and playing in his first U.S. Open
34:00 Monday qualifying at Hazeltine
36:30 Growing up and overcoming poverty
43:18 Serving in the Marine Corps, developing his golf game
47:05 Life after the Marine Corps
54:45 The unexpected surprise of ascending to the professional tour
1:00:10 On starting to make a living on the PGA Tour, drinking culture, the Gatorade story
1:09:09 Endorsements, marketing his personality
1:14:52 Getting struck by lightning at the Open Championship
1:20:50 Stories of venturing to Panama, playing Raymond Floyd, Bruce Devlin
1:38:40 Tatted up
1:40:50 Gary Player, horse story
1:46:20 Arnold Palmer, witnessing the end of his career
1:57:45 Boycotting Augusta National/The Masters
2:01:42 Coming home with no money after the 1971 Open Championship

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