Don Cheadle tells NZ to ‘turn down the beautiful’

Oscar nominated and golf fanatic Don Cheadle had some words of advice as he landed in New Zealand this week.
Academy Award nominated Don Cheadle arrived in Queenstown for this week’s New Zealand PGA Pro-Am Championship. Cheadle is one of the big name celebrities taking part in the event in Queenstown and he offered some advice for the country (via Twitter) that cracked me up.

Damn, New Zealand, turn down the beautiful…
— Don Cheadle (@IamDonCheadle) March 26, 2012

This should be New Zealand’s new tourism campaign slogon. Just wait ’till he sees Jack’s Point and The Hills Golf Club.

(movie buff hat on)
I do not hesitate to add that Don Cheadle is one of the world’s best (and also under-appreciated) actors. Yes, the world took notice for performance in Hotel Rwanda, but his roles in Traffic and Crash were also brilliant. And if you missed him in last year’s under-appreciated The Guard, make sure you catch it.
(movie buff hat off)
The David Feherty interview with Don Cheadle is a great watch and gives you an idea of not only Cheadle’s background but where he got his love for the game.

Don Cheadle on Twitter.

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