Dan has a 10,000 hour plan, to be the man

If you practice for 10,000 hours, can you become a pro golfer?
In his recent book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell made popular the old theory that the key to success in any field is practising a specific task for 10,000 hours. Taking this as gospel, a young American is aiming become a professional golfer.
After reading the book, Dan McLaughlin decided to take up golf and practice for six hours a day, six days a week, for six years. All without any golf experience at all. He’s never played a full 18 holes and has had limited time on the driving range.

McLaughlin quit his day job as a photographer in April last year and begun The Dan Plan by working on his short game only. As of last week, he is well over 1700 hours into the quest. He only swung a driver for the first time last week, as well has hitting his first shank.

He claims the reason for the quest is to inspire others to quit their job, find happiness in their own plan, and show it is never too late to start a new pursuit.
You’ve got to hand it to McLaughlin’s commitment but given the 10,000 rule is highly controversial, I really hope Dan achieves his goal after six years of practice. As much I love golf, I can’t help but feel it would be an awful waste of time otherwise.
Follow Dan, and his plan, over at The Dan Plan.

2 thoughts on “Dan has a 10,000 hour plan, to be the man

  • Tip 1: He is standing on the wrong side of the ball…

  • Have been following his progress . It is an interesting read and always good tyo see anothers training program and get some for myself. Good luck to him.


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