CLOSER LOOK: Proposed new Rules of Golf when dropping a ball

One of the more puzzling proposed changes to the Rules of Golf concerns the new procedure for dropping a ball.

Arguably the proposal for the new Rules of Golf on how to drop the golf ball has raised the most eye-brows. If implemented on January 1, 2019 no longer will golfers have to drop the golf ball from shoulder height, but simply drop it from any height, in any old way.

As the video says, “the only requirement is that the golf ball must be held above the ground before dropping it and it must move through the air before coming to rest.”

This is one of the proposed new rules that I’m not so sure adds any value, or much simplification to the game at all. We certainly don’t agree that it “preserves the randomness as to where your ball will end up being played from.”

If anything will become less random, especially if you’re only dropping the ball one inch away from the ground.

The R&A and USGA are looking to implement the new Rules of Golf on January 1, 2019. They are currently previewing the proposed changes and looking for feedback and evaluation from all who are interested.

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