GOLF RULES / Can you use clubs for alignment during a round of golf?

A little rules reminder today on about alignment aids during a round of golf.

It concerns the act of aligning yourself with golf clubs during a round of golf.

I’m guessing that most golfers were guess that aligning yourself with foreign objects (e.g. sticks, swing guides) are probably illegal during the course of as round, but what about with your own golf clubs? Can you place them on the ground before you swing to line yourself up towards your intended line?

Rule 8-2 (Indicating the line of play) deals with this situation.

If you’re on the green, the answer is no. You can’t place anything down on the green or touch the putting green in any way to indicate the line of the putt, before or during the putt.

If you’re on the fairway, the rules are a little more liberal. You can mark out your intended line with clubs or markers before you play the shot. But all alignment aids must be removed before the shot is made. If not, it is a two-stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in match play.

3 thoughts on “GOLF RULES / Can you use clubs for alignment during a round of golf?

  • Thanks with this reminder! Some golfers are not aware of this. Great post.

  • A club is used to mark alignement on the fairway. I understand this is ok as long as the player removes the club before the stroke is made. Can anyone else remove the club other than the player before the stroke is made. Can the caddie remove the club while the player is in posiition to play. Can the player address the ball ready to play before anyone else other than himself removes the club.


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