Callaway are trying to find Australia’s best golf backyard

The Ultimate Backyard Challenge is a search for the best golf backyard in Australia that could net you a set of Callaway golf clubs.

There is barely a golfer on the planet that hasn’t thought about building some sort of golf course in their backyard and this new competition from Callaway Australia is on the lookout for Australia’s best golf backyard.

Launched last week during the Australian PGA Championship the Ultimate Backyard Challenge is asking Australian golfers to submit their videos and photos of their home golf setup. And it’s not just restricted to backyard putting greens, but small courses or home golf simulators are also welcome to be submitted for consideration.

“We want to see your at home golfing set ups – whether it’s a little chipping area or all the way through to a home simulator setup.”

I am struggling to find exact details of this competition (close of entries, T&C’s, etc) other than a few paragraphs in a post on Facebook but this is a neat idea – and probably should have wider coverage. Or maybe I’ve just missed the details somewhere.

Anyway, check out this launch video – seriously amazing setup.

There are a couple of absolute ripper entries left in the replies on the Facebook post including this one from Buninyong, Victoria built mainly during COVID.

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