Caddyshack creator Harold Ramis dies

Despite being a somewhat difficult sport to portray on film, one golf movie managed pervade all of popular culture – Caddyshack. Initially released to a lukewarm reception from critics, it has become a classic, cult movie that is still played at movie festivals over 30 years since its release.

Caddyshack director Harold Ramis died overnight aged 69. Known not just for Caddyshack, Ramis was also the brains behind Ghostbusters (I’m still surprised it hasn’t been rebooted), Groundhog Day, Stripes, Analyze This and Meatballs, among others.

Personally, I’ve always thought Caddyshack was a collection of great comedy sketches featuring some of the best American comedians of the time – interspersed with some bad golf and terrible acting. And for all that, I still consider it a classic.

Geoff Shackleford has a great piece on Ramis and the making of Caddyshack that highlights some of the tension on the set and the insecurities of what always looked like a very confident Rodney Dangerfield.

On the 30th anniversary of Caddyshack’s release, Harold Ramis spoke about the movie.

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