Brutal prank dished out to golfer at Irish Open Pro-Am

In the world of pro-am tournaments, where professional golfers often encounter a variety of amateur personalities, one prankster took it to the next level with a brutally hilarious surprise for England’s Richard Mansell.

The DP World Tour shared this hilarious video at the Pro-Am tournament preceding the Irish Open, where England’s professional golfer Richard Mansell found himself at the centre of an elaborate prank.

Orchestrated by YouTube prankster, Josh Pieters and fellow golfer James Morrison, Pieters went undercover in Mansell’s Pro-Am group, setting out on a mission that would leave the golfer baffled, bewildered, and close to losing it his temper.

A word of warning, this is a difficult watch and particularly cringeworthy as Pieters rolls out a few “Go you biscuit!”.

It’s hard not to feel for Mansell who put up with a round that would leave many of us walking off the golf course.

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