Big HOLE golf hits Canberra

Would you like to see a few more of your putts go in? Big HOLE golf could be for you.

Big HOLE Golf has been described as golf’s version of T20 cricket.

The game is the same as regular golf with the only difference being the size of the holes. The hole is enlarged from the standard 4.25 inches to 8 inches. The larger hole leads to more holed putts and faster rounds with golfers spending less time marking balls or reading greens.

From the media release:

The golf professional at Gungahlin Lakes, Murray Blair said “this is a new exciting concept and there is great interest in the first game in Canberra. I hope that as many golfers as is possible avail themselves of playing this new version of golf which not only will be quicker but reduce the frustration golfers suffer on the greens.”

Murray will be launching a Big Hole Golf competition across Australia in 2014. “We have had contact from a number of golf clubs keen on staging an event and to stimulate the growth of the game in their area. Everyone loves the idea of cutting 30-45 minutes off a round of golf” Blair commented.

In Canberra? Wanna play?
The first game in Canberra with this new format will be at Gungahlin Lakes Golf Course on Thursday 14th November and organisers have four free spots to any readers who are keen on trying it out.

Shoot Aussie Golfer an email if you’re keen and we’ll put send your details on to tournament organisers.

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