Back yourself and be rewarded for beating your own handicap

There is now a new way to be rewarded for beating your handicap.

A day on the golf course is always better than a day at work. But a day on the golf course when you play great golf is even better, and now you can back yourself to beat your handicap and be rewarded for doing so.

Amateur Golf Challenge (AGC) is a newly launched Australian website that rewards individual golfers for beating their own handicap.

In a nutshell, once you’ve signed up to AGC, who have the choice of a $10 or $20 entry fee. The next time you play in a club competition, if you beat your handicap you will be notified of your share in the daily prize pool.

All the results are taken directly from GolfLink so once you pay your entry fee, you don’t need to do anything else but play golf.

According to Rob Hoath, the co-founder of the Australian company Amateur Golf Challenge (AGC), the purpose of the program was to help make competition golf more enjoyable, fair and rewarding for club golfers.

“The unfortunate reality of club competition golf is that lower handicapped golfers rarely win anything, simply because it’s challenging to compete with scores from higher handicapped players. AGC addresses these issues by creating an even playing field for all golfers, regardless of their handicap, and generously rewards golfers for every good round played”.

The prize money can be redeemed within the AGC store via retailers that include Myer, JB Hi-Fi, David Jones, Rebel Sports and iTunes.

Mr Hoath said that in the current economic climate, golf clubs were currently seeking additional ways to increase revenue and club competition participation levels, which have been declining in recent times.

“Local golf clubs are further benefited as AGC provides the option for winning players to spend their rewards at the club they are a member of, which creates a new additional revenue stream for clubs.”

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