Australia’s only USGA/R&A approved golf ball set for new look

GolfJet are Australia’s only USGA/R&A approved golf ball company and are set to launch their new 2018 range.

We were impressed with the first range of golf balls released from Australian golf company GolfJet and their now set to launch a new range in the coming months.

A media release sneak peek at GolfJet’s new 2018 golf ball range has indicated the 3-piece JET3 and 4-piece JET4 urethane balls.will be brighter whiter appearance, have a scaled down logo and improved urethane cover composition.

While it didn’t affect performance in any way, the off-white look of the first range of balls was something that we found some golfers had an issue with and we’re pleased to hear GolfJet are addressing that issue in the new range of balls.

According to the August 2nd R&A/USGA conformity list, GolfJet is the only Australian golf company with golf balls approved for global tournament use and of the performance of the new golf balls from their latest media release are to be believed, these are going to be worth trying out:

The results are immediately noticeable with up to 14,000rpm spin from wedges whilst retaining the characteristic uber soft feel we have come to expect from GolfJet. Winter testing on X-Golf’s state of the art NEX simulator showed even longer drives, on average 9m further than 2017 models, and improvements in sidespin reduction.

For anybody who has played a GolfJet golf ball, this comes as no surprise and is a testament to the performance and quality of their products. But this is also a statement for Australian golf – that we don’t just have world class courses and golfers, but also world class products.

GolfJet have recently launched their product range internationally so golfers worldwide can now buy the JET3 and JET4 golf balls via their unique GolfJet app as a once off purchase or via a monthly subscription to get access to extra app functionality and a rewards program.

Check out for more info. We’re stoked to see an Australian company making great strides on the ultra-competitive international golf ball market.

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