Australia’s best online golf stores – 2011 list

With Christmas fast approaching, here is a guide to some of the best Australia online golf stores.

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Online golf stores have been slow off the mark in Australia. Fake golf equipment and personal fitting have probably held the online convenience back, but many Aussie golfer’s are making more and more purchases online, as the number of online golf stores show.

Aside from the big name golf stores (which also have been very slow to embrace online shopping), a number of reputable golf store websites have popped up that sell many of the big name golf brands at good prices that can be purchased from the comfort of your office desk chair. All, as far as we can tell, stocking genuine OEM golf equipment.

Here are some of the best online golf stores (in no particular order) we’ve used and perused over the past year that could be your saviour when it comes to shopping for that fanatical golfer in your family this Christmas.

Who are we kidding?! Just buy the stuff for yourself.

Power Golf
As one of Sydney’s most popular golf stores, Power Golf have only recently just come to the party so far as selling online goes. But not surprisingly, they’ve done it well. With plenty of stock and big-name golf brands, you can’t really go wrong buying online through Power Golf.

Australian Golf Online
The appropriately named Australian Golf Online is stocked to the brim with plenty of golf equipment from almost every major brand. Not too many days go by without checking the daily specials these guys offer.

Squizzy’s Golf Balls
This store sells loads of golf equipment but it’s the sale of golf balls where Squizzy’s excels. I’ve lost track of the number of balls I’ve bought (and lost) from Squizzy’s. Subscribe to their email alerts if you’re always in the market for some new golf balls.

Golf Clearance Outlet
Golf Clearance Outlet have a few store locations but who needs them when you can get gear online. We’ve noticed some great deals on clubs and the “Birdie of the Day” deal at midday is worth keeping an eye on.

I’ve only recently come across GolfBox but I wished I’d found them sooner. Loads of balls, bags and big name clubs but the clincher for us, free delivery Australia wide.

Aussie Golf Shop
Aussie Golf Shop is another I’ve only recently come across but there appears no issue with purchasing through these guys. The big name brands are all there with very competitive prices and a solid ‘specials’ section.

Golf Club Warehouse
These guys provide a ‘Gift Ideas for Under’ section of the website which is perfect Christmas presents. While not as well stocked as some of the other online stores, we’ve made a few good purchases through Golf Club Warehouse over the years.

GolfZone is one of the more established online golf websites and I’ve bought a number of things through them over the years. when you’ve done your shopping, there is a whole lot else going on at GolfZone as well including a bunch of very good golf tip videos.

Golf Clubs Down Under
While some of the big name brands are missing, Golf Clubs Down Under good stock with particularly good starter sets for new golfers. They stock LoudMouth pants so they’ve got to be worth a look.

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  • Ive orderd from these stores before, golf clerance outlet and gulf box have great shipping speeds to the US.


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