Aussie golfer putts two balls in the hole at once: video

If you thought last week’s crazy putt was great, check this one out.

Australian golfer Matt Field was a little bored on what I think is the 18th green at Brookwater Golf Club in Brisbane.

Rather than hitting one ball at the hole, he hit two at once. And rather than going straight at the hole on this 6-foot putt, he hit both balls well past the hole only yo see them trickle down the hill and into the hole. Both of them.’s TJ Auclair contacted Field about the video that was posted to YouTube:

“Brookwater has a heavily sloped practice green so I thought ‘why not?’ The putt was about six feet, but I hit it about 20 feet past, up the hill and back in the hole. It took me about 10 attempts.”

And when the two balls finally dropped into the cup?

“The people on the club balcony thought I was a bit weird when I high-fived myself!” Field said.

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