Aussie golfer building mega skate ramp

Golf and skateboarding don’t usually go together but an Australian pro-golfer is combining both of them on his property near Phillip Island, nicknamed MegaRanch.

The generalisation about golfers is that they are stuffy, conservative types but Australian professional Peter Wilson is far from it. He has had a good summer on the golf course, playing well at the Australian Open in Sydney, a Top-10 at the Victorian Open and he made the final knock-out stage of the Surf Coast Knockout in Torquay. But he is as comfortable in the surf or on the skateboard, as he is on the golf course.

Three years ago he staged his own golf tournament at Flinders Golf Course which also featured a skateboarding competition on the biggest vertical ramp seen in Australia. Positioned between the 1st and 18th holes, the event attracted over 5000 people despite terrible wet weather.

It was at this event that Wilson offered up his property as the perfect venue for a proposed mega jump ramp. Already boasting a putting green and a short game golf course, the chance to add a mega skate ramp would compliment them nicely.

Work on the “Big-Air” ramp is well under way. When completed, plenty of skateboarding stars have been lined up to compete in its opening event which will also feature nearest the pin competitions running in parallel.

You can get feel for what its like to skate the ramp in the video below. Check out the Megaranch website for more details.

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