Aussie bloke makes an underwater hole-in-one: video

Now this is something, an underwater hole-in-one!

On most occasions, once your golf ball is in the water its fate is immediately sealed – but on this occasion the fun had only just begun.

These fun bunch of blokes on holiday in Busselton, WA over the Christmas break have a history of sporting trick videos. These are the same guys that brought us the plate slashing golf trick shot and the throw hole-in-one trick video a few years ago and now they’ve come up with one better.

They submerged a bucket with a flag in it about 30 metres off the beach and hit the ball at it. Multiple camera shots not only capture what happens next, but also confirm the legitimacy of the entire achievement. Nicely done indeed.

Who needs slow-motion when the slowing down of the ball as it approaches the hole is done naturally?

In case you missed it, the throwing hole-in-one…

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