Adam Scott tells Australia to play golf: video

Adam Scott TV commercial launches PlayGolf Week.

The inaugural Playgolf week will be staged throughout South Australia from October 28 – November 3, 2013 and to coincide with the launch Golf Australia have released a TV commercial featuring Adam Scott.

Already, 38 golf courses across South Australia have signed up to be a part of the week’s activities with many clubs participating in Open Days on Sunday 3rd November.

It’s a great initiative and one that Golf Australia looks certain to expand across the country in 2014, but South Australia seems like an appropriate place to start, with Adam Scott being a Crows fan and all.

One of my favourite things is to ask golf fans to describe their reactions to watching Adam Scott win The Masters and this video shows a similar reaction and environment to some I’ve spoken to.

I still love watching Andy Maher and Kevin Bartlett’s reaction to the events at the Masters though. KB’s reaction is priceless.

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