Adam Scott talks about Leishman’s Masters fist-pump and bringing the green jacket to Australia

Adam Scott can’t wait to bring the green jacket to Australia.

One of the many enduring images from the 2013 Masters was the photo of Adam Scott screaming “C’mon Aussie!” after his birdie putt dropped on the 18th hole, while Marc Leishman – who at one stage looked headed for victory – gives a fist-pump in the background.

On the eve of the final FedEx Cup event The Tour Championship, Adam Scott has spoken about the image and said he had no idea that Leishman has given the fist-pump as his putt rolled in.

“I found out in the next couple of days. I think quite a few of the Aussie caddies sent me that picture of Leishman pumping his fist behind, which I was blown away by, and I immediately texted Marc after that because that’s one of my favourite things of the whole experience.” Scott said.

“I mean, I had‑‑ from that point of that putt going in for the next two hours was just a wealth of incredible experiences that your senses can’t handle all that stuff. ”

“But then when I saw that with Leish, now I look back on that as one of my favorite things at Augusta and an incredible sense of national pride there and what a top bloke he is for that kind of reaction.”

“Because he‑‑ 30 minutes, 40 minutes before, he had just as good a chance as me to win. So it’s a big thing to think you’ve got a chance to win the Master’s, and then you’re standing on the 18th green and you know you don’t, but to have the character to stand there and be happy for someone else is‑‑ just says a lot about Marc for sure.”

Scott has openly admitted that he wears the green jacket every day and is looking forward to bringing it to Australia for the first time when he returns to play in November.

“I hope that I get the chance to celebrate with everyone down there what I’ve achieved. Part of it is me to say thank you for everyone who’s put into my game, the Australian public, and then people in golf too have supported me the whole way as well”, Scott said.

“So I look forward to that very much. I hope they’re excited still about it because I am. And I think it will be a fun month back at home to see everyone and to be able to take the green jacket down to Australia will be a really fun experience because I get a kick out of‑‑ the best thing since winning the Master’s is just getting a kick out of people seeing the green jacket and just can’t believe that’s actually a green jacket.”

Scott will play in all four big golf tournaments in Australia this summer – the Australian PGA Championship, Australian Masters, World Cup of Golf and Australian Open. The Australian PGA Championship kicks off a big month of golf on November 7 at RACV Royal Pines Resort.

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