A trip into space offered for a hole-in-one at Dutch Open

This is surely the most out of this world prize ever offered up for a hole-in-one at a golf tournament.

This week’s European Tour KLM Open in The Netherlands will be offering a trip into space for the first golfer to score a hole-in-one at the par-3 15th at the Kennemer Golf & Country Club.

According to the press release:

It is the first time in the history of golf that a prize such as this has been offered for a hole-in-one, and a life size model of the Lynx Mark 1 that will be travelling into space – an aircraft that can take off and land horizontally – will be on show next to the 15th green throughout all four rounds.

“With this prize we wish to create awareness among the public that space is now also accessible for everyone,” says Michiel Mol, from XCOR Space Expeditions. “Journeys into space can be made starting from the end of 2015. We already have 300 bookings.”

It’s quite an extraordinary prize and almost makes you want to turn pro. Let’s wrap this up with a quote from Daan Slooter, Tournament Director of the KLM Open:

“If you make a hole-in-one here you are justifiably a star player!”

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