5 must-play Australian golf courses

Let’s say you have some international guests on their way and they want to play five Australian golf courses that will leave a lasting impression. Not necessarily Australia’s best golf courses, but Australia’s “must-play” courses. Which courses would you take them to?

Here are Aussie Golfer’s five must-play golf courses in Australia to get the ball rolling. What do you think? Any other courses that should be on the list?

Hamilton Island (Qld)
Hamilton Island Golf Club is Australia’s only island championship golf course and is one of the newest golf courses in the country. The views here are spectacular. Peter Thomson designed this gem which is actually situated on Dent Island, a short boat ride from Hamilton Island.

If you ever thought a holiday in the Whitsunday Islands was perfect last time, wait until you get a look at this golf course.

Kingston Heath (Vic)

Kingston Heath Golf Club in Melbourne’s famous sandbelt region.

Playing golf in Melbourne’s world-famous sandbelt is obviously something that must be done but narrowing it down to one, is a difficult task. I consulted Doogs, a native Victorian and blogger at On Par.

“If I was recommending one course to play on the Sandbelt to an international or interstate member it would have to be Kingston Heath, the layout is everything the Sandbelt is about, McKenzie bunkering, undulating fairways of perfect green carpet, slick greens, teatrees, and some brilliant short holes. Of course, access is not easy.”

The Cut (WA)
If you find yourself out west, don’t miss The Cut. About an hour and 15 minutes drive south of Perth, the course has only been open since 2005 but has already been rated Western Australia’s number one golf course in 2008 and 2009.

The Cut is a true-links golf course sitting between the Indian Ocean and the Harvey Estuary. It is full of up-turned saucers, down-turned bowls, and rolling fairways that leave your ball wanting to roll on and on and on.

Like any links golf course, you may hope the wind doesn’t blow when you play The Cut. But that would be cheating. Hope it blows hard, keep it low and experience links golf at its finest.

Bonville Golf Resort (NSW)
Always boasting as Australia’s version of Augusta National, it is not too far from the truth with a distinctly Australian touch. Most holes at Bonville Golf Resort are completely isolated from one another giving the impression you are the only golfer on the course.

The flooded gums that line the fairways look spectacular and even the drive from green to the next tee is gorgeous as you wind your way through sub-tropical rainforest. It’s a lush, golf experience that you’ll never forget – provided you’re not afraid to lose plenty of golf balls.

Barnbougle Dunes (Tas)
By now you’ve all heard about Barnbougle Dunes in Tasmania. From your mate that won’t stop talking about it at the golf club to here at Aussie Golfer. I’ll let some more photos do the talking and just remind you once again – go there and play it as soon as possible!

+1 Nullarbor Links (SA/WA)
It wouldn’t be Australia without some strange oddity that twists the standard idea of something on its head. Nullarbor Links claims to be the world’s longest golf course.

Stretching across 1400 kilometres, 18 holes have been sprinkled here and there on the drive from Ceduna in South Australia to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia. Some holes are separated by several hundred kilometres giving you plenty of time to mark your card. It is a bizarre concept but certainly one you won’t forget.

10 thoughts on “5 must-play Australian golf courses

  • Can’t argue any of those, and I’ve been around. Probably add NSW, Magenta Shores on the Central Coast, and Barny Dunes brother Lost Farm. Few others. But certainly a worthy top-5 for the visitor. Even consider joints like The Coast or Long Reef in Sydney, or the likes of Albany, Warnambool and anything in Mornington and Bellarine peninsulas.

  • Thanks Matt, you would be one of the few golfers in the country that would know!
    NSW was next on the list and Lost Farm is a beauty. You’re right about The Coast and Long Reef too. It is a pleasure playing out there any time.

  • Great list, and I am now very excited about my next trip to Hamilton Island. I was not going to bring my clubs for the 7 night vacation out there, but now I will for certain bring them.

  • I’d include Mt Broughton in the NSW Southern Hightlands in there or there abouts as well. I haven’t seen anything like that course.

  • Well,it certainly looks as though the journey would be worth it to play a round on these courses,they look quite a challenge.I have to agree with Matt about adding The Coast to that list,i played there recently,it’s a tough layout!happy golfing everyone!

  • If you are going to play NSW and The Coast why not stop in at St Michaels while you are there – its a great track, very challenging off the back tees

  • Mt.Broughton is a pretty special place. Can make or break a golfers mind out there.
    The Coast, St.Mick’s, NSW and even Randwick are in a beautiful location. Incredible to think four golf courses all lie along that part of the Sydney coastline.

  • Did you mean that Hamilton Is was Australia’s only 18 hole course? Lord Howe has a pretty 9 hole course as does Magnetic Island off Townsville. I’ll bet there are others too. I can’t wait to play the Nullabor course (I hope to do it this year).

  • Thanks Anon. It was meant to read “championship island golf course”…although you’ve got me thinking about all the others now!

  • I played Hamilton Island in June – it was jaw-droppingly stunning (and bloody difficult for a high handicapper like myself). Would definitely recommend


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