2017 U.S Kids Australian Open: Wrap-up and winners list

The U.S Kids Australian Open was held at Moore Park Golf on the 19th and 20th January 2017 and we want to acknowledge the winners of this fabulous tournament for junior golfers.

Moore Park Golf had done an outstanding job of preparing the greens and the course was generally in great condition ahead of the 2017 U.S. Kids Australian Open.

Junior golfers from around the world registered for the new event with many playing practice rounds ahead of the tournaments first tee shot.

After the tournament opening with the Parade of Nations held in temperatures in the high 30’s, a large southerly dropped temperatures down overnight to the low 20’s for the first day of play, to the delight of all players, especially those who had flown in from colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere.


The kids battled the strong breeze and it tested some of them who posted final scores much higher than their best. On the second day of play the early starters got the best of the conditions with sun and blue skies.

Unfortunately for those hitting off late morning, the clouds rolled in and the rain tested their spirits. Wet and cold it was great to see the tenacity of the kids as many bounced back from first round disappointments to post some unbelievable results. In many age divisions the results were dependant on the final hole which had friends and family biting their nails around the 18th at Moore Park Golf.

Toward the end of the day and poetically in time for prize giving, the sun emerged and the kids took over the practice green as they eagerly awaited the last of the age groups to finish.

The winners
Boys U7-Eli McGrath(Qld)
Boys 8-Toby Farrar (NSW)
Boys 9-Jamie Smith (Qld)
Boys 10-Andre Chung (U.S.A)
Boys 11-Joseph Buttress (W.A)
Boys 12-Sean Granada (Phil)
Boys 13-14- Lachlan Jones (NSW)
Boys 15-18-Will Florimo (Qld)

Girls U8-Ruby Kavanagh(NSW)
Girls 9- Yuuki Takada(Japan)
Girls 10-Riko Danjo (Qld),
Girls 11-Amanda Phillips(U.S.A)
Girls 12-Jeneath Wong(Vic)
Girls 13-14-Caroline Kent (U.S.A)

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