2015 US PGA Championship: Whistling Straits video flyovers, the back 9

Video flyovers for the back nine at Whistling Straits. Check out the demanding final four holes.

Whistling Straits is brute of a golf course that is home to the 2015 US PGA Championship. While a bogey is just around the corner, birdies are possible but it requires patience and the knowledge to know which holes to attack and which holes to play safe.

Whistling Straits: The front nine video flyovers

When Lee Westwood first saw Whistling Straits he famously said: “I’d been told there are 10 difficult holes and eight impossible ones. I’m still trying to work out which the 10 difficult holes are.”

Many of the ‘impossible’ holes are on the back nine. Let’s take a look.

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