2008 Australian Masters: Who will win?

Aussie Golfer has been asked a few times by readers to make some ballsy predictions concerning big golf tournaments. We’re not sure whether these people would like advice for their weekend betting habits or just seeing it we really do have the golf knowledge to predict a winner.

The response to this sort of baiting has been to let them know that golf is one of the most difficult sports to predict, let alone gamble on. Anyone that knows the game will tell you that one day you’ve got it and the next day you haven’t. Form means nothing.

Nevertheless, with Sportsbet sponsoring the 2008 Australian Masters this week, it seems appropriate for Aussie Golfer to give a short run down on who may be a chance and then give you our pick + 3 other chances. Feel free to join in with your own, top seed and 3 others.

The weather is looking very Melbourne-ish for this weekend. Mid to low 20’s with scattered showers will ensure slightly more shot-making compared to previous hot and dry Masters’ with the ball stopping quicker on the greens. At 6363m, Huntingdale is not overly long but it’s tough and like most of the Melbourne sand-belt courses, a worthy golf course for a big tournament. Experience or an all round shot making game is needed.

Last years winner Aaron Baddeley is not returning to defend his jacket due to paternal duties but last years runner-up Daniel Chopra will be here. Along with John Daly and Michael Campbell, they are in the “will not win” camp. Chopra is chopping it at the moment, Daly doesn’t have four days of concentration in him on this course and Michael Campbell has pulled out with a shoulder injury.

Tim Clark and Oliver Fisher are the pick of the internationals in attendance. Clark always plays well on tough courses while Fisher struck some great form in Hong Kong. He missed the cut last year but will be better having seen the course.

Robert Allenby is a big chance to make it three Masters wins. Without a win on the PGA Tour this year he still finished 11th on the list of money winners and knows this course inside out. Marcus Fraser, Scott Strange, Wade Ormsby and Greg Chalmers all have some recent good form and may be around late afternoon on Sunday.

Robert Allenby is Aussie Golfer’s pick. Oliver Fisher, Tim Clark and Marcus Fraser as good Top 10 options.

Click the links and make up your own mind but don’t say we didn’t warn you about betting on golf!

Anyone else care to pick a winner and 3 Top 10 finishers?

6 thoughts on “2008 Australian Masters: Who will win?

  • Chopra to win

    Kennedy to finish in the top 25.

  • Lonard, followed by Villegas, Clark and one of the Swedes

  • How bizarre, I played juniors with Vern Sexton-Fink at Nedlands. Nice guy, and worked his socks off, so hope he does well. Equal 5th as I type

  • Wow, great! Great name too! Sounds like a criminal from a Pink Panther movie. A spy under cover as a professional golfer.


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