Yang sets off golf earthquake

Did you feel that? Did anyone else feel that?

I’m guessing even non-golfers may have felt a rumble. Y.E. Yang has single-handedly created a golfing earthquake by winning the PGA Championship.

He’s beaten Tiger Woods and all of the associated statistics that come with it. The most notable one being that Tiger had never been beaten in a major championship on 14 occasions after leading after three rounds.

The first major quake came on the 14th when Yang chipped in from off the green for eagle to out-bird Tiger’s paltry birdie.

After this ornithological moment came the second and biggest shock wave on the final hole. Faced with a tough pin and middle of the green looking like a perfect option, Yang fired a hybrid over bunkers and trees to land his ball within a few feet of the hole, eventually settling around 6 feet away.

Yang appeared to fly in the face of his famous opponent. He threw a ball into the crowd before Tiger putted out on 15 and then putted out along Tiger’s line on the 16th green. I think most other golfers would have marked their ball and let His Royal Highness putt first. It almost appeared like Yang didn’t know who Woods was. Probably the perfect way to play against him.

This was a major golf earthquake. The biggest shock we’ve had for quite some time. The after-shocks will reverberate around the globe for quite sometime with a major tsunami of equally willing and classy Asian golfers following shortly.

One thought on “Yang sets off golf earthquake

  • This was great for golf especially in the Asian countries. I like Yangs fire and its good to see someone in golf can finish a major round with tiger without choking


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