2009 World Minigolf Championships

What were you doing on Saturday? Out playing 18 holes or hitting a few balls on the range? While you were doing that and I was cleaning the house, the 2009 World Minigolf Championships were taking place in Odense, Denmark.The world of minigolf has come a long way since the very first course was built at St.Andrews in 1867. A purpose built minigolf course was built last week in Denmark in an indoor arena. Individual and teams events were held for both men and women over eight rounds which saw Sweden make a clean sweep of the tournament.

WMF Sports Director Gerhard Zimmermann says it best:

“The 10th Minigolf World Championships, which took place for the first time as an indoor event have been a full success on a very high sport level. The spectators could follow thrilling matches in an exciting atmosphere during the matchplay finals of the individual competition. The overwhelming winner is the Swedish Minigolf Federation, who won all four gold medals in team and individual competition.”

Exciting atmosphere, thrilling matches – can anyone really have topped that last Saturday? I can’t but my house is clean.

For more details check out the World Minigolf Sport Federation website.
Pictures of the event courtesy of the 2009 World Minigolf Championships website.

3 thoughts on “2009 World Minigolf Championships

  • What is with the Swedish, Austrians and Germans taking out the top spots? Is mini-golf huge in Northern Europe? Why and who knew?

  • These guys cannot be serious, how can they just go out and start calling this “The World MiniGolf Championships”, when it wasn’t even held in the USA and they invited other countries!! Rubbish, pure unadulterated rubbish!

    Just wait until this news filters through to the US, they’ll set things straight!



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