Woods returns, Jones awaits

Tiger Woods will return from injury at the Accenture Matchplay Championship next week, the first of 2009’s World (but only played in America) Golf Championships. It’s great for golf, it’s great for spectators, it’s great for television, it’s great for everything and everyone except for Australian Brendan Jones.

Brendan Jones (pictured) sits at number 64 in the world and will be matched against Woods provided no one pulls out between now and the start of the tournament. At first glance this may seem like a worry for Jones but there’s a few positives for him to think about.
  • Woods may be suspect coming off an injury. Possibly. Just maybe.
  • The exposure will be amazing. Playing mostly on the Japan Tour, Jones finished with five Top 10 finishes last year and will be on stage in the most anticipated comeback in golf.
  • Woods is shaky against Australians at this event. Peter O’Malley beat him in 2002 and Nick O’Hern has tossed him aside in 2005 and 2007.

So perhaps it seems Woods should be worried! Even if someone drops out of the event this week, an Australian will replace him, Richard Green.

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4 thoughts on “Woods returns, Jones awaits

  • I see no reason that Brendan should fear Tiger. If anything he should consider this as an opportunity. He will be playing with the number one player in the world but who is coming off an injury. Brendan is in a no-win situation, if he wins it is because Tiger is rusty and if he loses he was suppose to. Go ahead Brendan just play your game and let the chips fall…

  • Anything can happen in match play so this guy has a chance, however, Tiger’s record in match play is ridiculous and he has all the experience. I think it also shows that Tiger has no fear by coming back for match play where he knows it can end quickly. Should be fun to watch!


  • It’s a great opportunity for Brendan. He gets to go head-to-head with Tiger Woods in his much hyped return. I wish him the best.


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