Ko win Women’s NSW Open: Final round highlights video

See how 14-year-old Lydia Ko became the youngest ever winner of a golf tournament in the video highlights from today’s final round at the Women’s NSW Open.

Make sure you see Ko’s tee shot to the final hole too at around the 2 minute mark of the video. She nearly nails it and gets an unlucky bounce off the pin. Impressive.

2 thoughts on “Ko win Women’s NSW Open: Final round highlights video

  • What a charming girl. Congratulations to Lydia on making golf history. It is amazing how many great young women golfers are coming on the internagtional scene. The must be too young to have had time to learn any bad habits out on the course. 🙂 Well done!!

  • Great effort by Ko at such a young age. A really good looking golf swing as well which should ensure a lot of success in the years to come.


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