Weeks & Macklin Long Drive Invitational

Australian Long Drive Champion Matt McDonald (pictured) has organised the largest long driving event in Australia, the Weeks & Macklin Long Drive Invitational competition. It will be held this Sunday at South Lakes Golf Course, Goolwa, SA.

The long hitting left-hander has gathered the biggest hitters in Australia. Four of the 5 biggest ever will be at the event including Australian record holder Mark “Shrek” Bylsma who knocked a 401.1m drive in competition. Many attending have competed at the franchised World Long Driving Championships in Las Vegas and will be competing for a total purse of $6400.

  • Ball speed in excess of 200mph (320k’s) Open hitters will carry the ball as far as 350 metres in favourable conditions, using drivers as low as 4 deg in loft (average putter around 5 deg) and shafts up to XXXX flex. More than enough speed is created to blast a ball through ¾ inch plywood or a watermelon.

  • In past years competitors have recorded hits over 380 metres with averages over 360 metres.

  • A special grid has been developed for the hitters from in front of the club house down the 13th fairway. It has turned the 13th hole which normally plays at around 485 metres into a 565 metre monster!

Entry for spectators is free and refreshments will be available from the club house. Aussie Golfer has heard the temperature may get below 30 degrees for the first time in weeks on Sunday morning and the surf is always pretty good down there. Go down, watch how far some people can hit it and take in a few sights around the mouth of the Murray. South Lakes Golf Course is a great little track.

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