Watch an angry kangaroo chase after golfers

Language warning: When a kangaroo takes offence to these golfers playing golf.

I have no idea where this was taken or how long ago it occurred but it’s worth a share for the sheer terror coming from one of these golfers as the kangaroo gives chase.

The screams and shaky cam gives it the feel of a kangaroo version of The Blair Witch Project and it was lucky these blokes had a getaway golf cart. These kangaroos can do some damage when they turn nasty.

2 thoughts on “Watch an angry kangaroo chase after golfers

  • Is he shouting, “Got her! Got her!” after that guy hits a golf ball? And then, “That was the same one!”? Looks like they were hitting balls at the kangaroo and then trying to hit it with a golf club as they drive away. I hope they get caught and charged if that’s the case.

  • I’m pretty sure he is saying Connor, Connor


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