Should Shane Warne be a Presidents Cup assistant?

The Presidents Cup is set for Melbourne in November with the USA and International teams to be decided later in the year. But a quick look at the current standings shows one glaring omission: international team captain Greg Norman is yet to choose his second assistant.

Given the USA team have Michael Jordan, may I make a crazy suggestion – Shane Warne.

Aside from choosing the match-ups I don’t really know what the captain does, let alone a captain’s assistant. Fred Couples chose Jordan as captain’s assistant for the 2009 Presidents Cup in San Francisco and he will be back in the same role in Melbourne this November.

It is hard to know exactly what Jordan actually does for the USA, but his mere presence does bring with him an extra level of greatness to the team which also creates more public interest in the event.

Norman should perhaps consider Warne for the role in the international team, or should at least grant him an interview. I don’t think there is anything Jordan can do as a captain’s assistant that Warnie can’t. Both legends love the game of golf, and there are a number of categories where Warnie matches up well with MJ:

1. Cigars
You’ve got to hand this one to MJ, but Warnie has been doing his best lately. He has been seen sucking on a stogie in a few pro-am’s over the summer – perhaps in preparation for the Assistant Captain’s position. He should be able to match it with Jordan and it would be nice to have an Assistant Captain capable of counteracting this nasty habit for the International Team.

2. Poker
Michael Jordan spends most nights with a few chips in front of him and Warne fancies himself as a pretty good poker player too. I’m assuming Jordan raises a little higher than what Warne may be used to but he can probably show MJ where the high roller tables are at the Crowne Casino without too much trouble.

3. A penchant for the ladies
Both these guys have some sort of kavorka going on (not to mention lots of money), but perhaps Jordan has been a little more discreet about it over the years. It is hard to know whether this will bolster female interest in the Presidents Cup or turn them away.

Either way, Warne can hold his own against Jordan in this category. I, for one, think it would be nice to see Liz Hurley floating around the fairways of Royal Melbourne too.

4. Player rapport
Michael Jordan seems to have built up a good relationship with the US Team players. Anthony Kim is a massive basketball fan so those high-fives were always going to happen. It is also no secret MJ spent many a night with Tiger Woods playing poker among other things. Warnie though, did also seem pretty buddy-buddy with Woodsy last year too. He relieved any pre-tournament tension with Tiger after a few wise cracks at the pre-Masters gala dinner. A few of the Aussies on the team may be keen to see Warne around the place but I’m not too sure how it would go down with the South Africans for example, and Camilo Villegas would barely know what cricket is.

5. Mobile phones
Warnie has this one over Jordan for sure. As hard as MJ can try, he will never beat the fat-fingered Warne in a texting match-up. Warne can text, leave voice messages or tweet the wrong thing without even trying. This will surely be great publicity for the Presidents Cup when Warnie fires off a few regrettable text messages and tweets before fronting the press to apologise before the first tee shot.

C’mon Greg, give him a go!

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One thought on “Should Shane Warne be a Presidents Cup assistant?

  • Description of Warnie’s Kavorka when he met Pamela Anderson (SMH ––warnies-secret-revealed-20110209-1amhw.html):

    “I was at a table with Pam and Warnie. An international TV star of not insignificant notoriety, and a cricketer. And she was like a bunny in the headlights.

    Warne up close, with the kavorka on full display, is like being next to a nuclear reactor. It’s like stumbling around the house in the dark, then turning on the light switch without realising you’re facing straight into the room’s fiercest halogen. It’s like, well, it’s like being a batsman watching this genius lumber towards you about to unleash the world’s most unplayable, unmatchable weapon, knowing that despite all your skills he will probe and probe until he finds your weakness, and he will exploit it, and he will take your wicket.

    He was charming. He smiled. He joked. He was cheeky and interested and suggestive without being coarse. And he did not take his gaze from his victim. No one else at that table mattered. And fair enough.

    OK, maybe I’m exaggerating. It wasn’t creepy. It was just admirable. And I have no idea whether he actually followed through, but it was just great fun to watch Warnie. The world’s greatest wicket taker, practising his craft.”


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