Vijay Singh to sue PGA Tour

In one of the strangest bits of news to come out of the PGA Tour was the report that Vijay Singh will be suing the PGA Tour for damages relating to his suspension with regard to his use of deer antler spray.

Vijay Singh admitted to using deer antler spray in a Sports Aillustrated article late last year. The spray contains an illegal growth hormone (IGF-1). If you want the full story I’ve outlined it previously along with the fact that the deer antler spray can’t possibly be performance enhancing because it doesn’t work.

Remarkably, Singh was still cleared of any wrong doing by the PGA Tour but only after he was suspended for a short time during the investigation.

Singh is now suing the PGA Tour for damages and for having his reputation sullied. Geoff Shackelford reports it will be interest in $99,980 and the lawsuit says that Singh has been “humiliated, ashamed, ridiculed, scored and emotionally distraught.”

A few of these tweets probably sum the whole situation including one from John Daly.

Robert Luestich’s column on Vijay is worht reading too: